06 October 2009

Hamburger and Udon

It's been a while since I last posted, but lately the lunches haven't been all that presentable plus I've had some failures last week on food with a green onion quiche and some other things.

From left to right we have a hamburger cut in pieces and 2 pieces of fresh sausage, a little bottle with Worcester sauce (which we both love with udon) baby carrots, round green beans and on the extreme right the udon. I'm not quite sure where  udon should be used other than soup and yakiudon (sauteed with vegetables and chicken) but I like it like this too.

Although the quiche was a failure I'll give out one picture that was okay. The biggest problem was that I didn't dry green onions properly so when I opened it, it looked like soup, too watery i had to put it under some paper to absorb the excess water. It was very tasty tho.

I hope to post soon and always better plates/recipes/presentation!

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