20 October 2009

Curry again

And I'm back to the boring food presentation:


This time I didn't put any meat on because I intended to save it for something else I made, but it's not presentable enough for me to post it, so it's made the same as the last one with the exception of the potatoes and the meat. Underneath it there is Udon, a very thick japanese "pasta" which is very good, specially in soups, stir fries and curry. I must say the rice is more practical when eating curry, because the rice mixes with the curry, rather than the pasta who leaves a lot of sauce in the end.

It's been some frustrating days because I had too much food in the fridge that had to be used and I had to throw some chicken away because it spent too much time in there, I tried using all the vegetables I could and there's still more! I know it's always good to be able to have food income from family but sometimes it's more of a problem than a blessing. Plus, yesterday's dinner was too watery and I ended up not wanting to take a picture at it. Probably just a little cooking crisis that I'll have to figure out how to use the remaining things like tomatoes and turnips that I don't usually buy by myself. If you have any ideas on how to use these, specially the turnips since they're hated by the bf and he won't eat soup either. I thought of putting it on the curry but he'd notice.

Hope I'll be posting soon this week ^^

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