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Madeira island's main City, Funchal
Madeira island's capital City, Funchal

I was born in Lisbon, Portugal and lived in Madeira island for roughly 11 years, after which I returned to my home town for studying needs. I love cooking all kinds of food, but most of the times laziness takes over my wish for cooking.

About 3 years ago i decided to eat healthier meals and started a journey researching in the cooking section of the internet, of libraries, my family's cookbooks (anything i can put my hands on about cooking) and after a lot of research I started cooking.

Last year I worked at a Japanese restaurant for about a year, adding some more excitement into making lunches. I had many interesting conversations with the chef, (who was japanese and could only speak his native language) about typical dishes, bento making, etc. Since i know a little bit of japanese, we were able to have a minimum conversation and when complications would arise, we could always speak in gestures or grab a paper and pencil!

At the moment, I'm living with my bf and my 3 cats and due to short financial resorts, we decided to make our own meals instead of buying them/eating at restaurants, canteens. That's where the blogging idea came true! (I wanted to try it for a long time ago, but didn't think my food was worth it)

What I intend to do with this blog is to make a sort of "diary" or meal journal, where i'll try to post at least 3 times a week with each day's meals (packed lunches) and some more fun experiments with food. There will be all kinds of food, from portuguese, japanese, italian, anything i have the ingredients and materials to make.

I am also very curious on making and learning about bentos but the lack of knowledge from books (I read a lot on the web) and  lack of talking to anyone who knows about it makes me not call this blog a bento blog, for now. I hope I can soon start showing off my first bentos and never stop!

I will try and maintain the posts about cooking as much as I can. On other posts I'll speak a little of my country, my pets and some interesting events in my life.

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I hope you all enjoy!


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