23 October 2009

Turkey sausage rush

I came home really late last night but I didn't give up to laziness and before it overtook me I managed to cook this because we're still trying to save up some money and eating out should be out of the question.


I wanted to add some more color but I was making a different dinner and sleepiness hunger and laziness was too much at the same time. This time we have:

- Fusilli pasta;

- Cooked broccoli and cauliflower;

- Pan-fried turkey sausage with some spices.

Again, the multi-tasking really makes me feel good I'm not sure why. But today is the critical day again: I have to decide what to cook for next week before we go shopping and I still haven't come up with anything new.

See you next week! (Unless I decide to bake something in the weekend worth posting ^^)

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