22 October 2009

Farinheira with scrambled eggs

Hi everyone, it's finally starting to rain! I really love the rain and it's started to cool too. I don't usually buy farinheira but my grandparents offered me some and they were calling for me from the freezer so I used them up.


This is a VERY high caloric dish, traditional from my country Portugal. I usually do it when I need something done quickly but only when someone brings the farinheiras for me, or else I just don't do it (last time i did this was on Spring). Farinheira with scrambled eggs is usually an appetizer and people don't make meals out of it (at least not traditionally, I know a couple of people who cook this for meals).

You can see in the picture that the balance is completely off: I made too much protein and too little vegetables. Well, the veggies shrank as I sauté'd them and the couscous was put in there in a hurry. So from left to right we have:

- Sauté'd vegetable mix;

- Couscous with 2 olives on top;

- Farinheira with scrambled eggs.

I was satisfied with how fast I could assemble this and how much I enjoyed multi-tasking in the kitchen while the bf washed the dishes. I have to start thinking of next week's dishes >.<


  1. Hi!
    Where do you/your grandparents buy farinheira? A local store? I've been dying for some and I can't seem to find it anywhere!
    Thanks in advance :)

  2. Hi, where do you live? They usually buy it at a local butcher but if none's available near you, try the supermarket or a local butcher. ^^

  3. I live in Pittsfield, MA :)
    Is it a portuguese butcher shop? I can try my supermarket, but I don't know what to ask for... Is there an english name or translation or something I could tell the butcher so he doesn't go all UHHHHH on me? haha

  4. Most of Portugal's butchers have that, so you might have to look for a portuguese shop there. Farinheira is the only name there is (at least of my knowledge) so I'm 99.9% sure you can ask the supermarket :D Try looking in the chorizo/blood sausage/dry meat section.
    I hope you can find it!