25 October 2009

Apple Pie

So, it's apple season and I was dying to make one of those! I happened to talk to a very special friend who gave me some tips on this one, so she's the one to thank for how it turned out:


I bought the crust from the supermarket and used up what I had bought for home on friday, I had lots of apples (still have lots!) and added a cream recipe that doesn't need any expensive ingredients.

For the filling there's:

- Sugar;

- Flour;

- Eggs;

- Milk;

- Vanilla extract or cinnamon stick;


On low heat mix it until it looks consistent. It takes a while but don't turn to high heat or it won't work.

After cooling, I put it over the crust and started slicing some apples.

There are various ways to keep fruits from turning brown but I use the dip in lemon water way. It works quite well and adds a little flavour. I peeled the apples, sliced them and dipped them right after cutting into the lemon water. When I finished cutting, I dried the apple slices and gently placed them on top of the cream in a circly way. I wanted it to turn out a spiral but the slices didn't go my way.


I finished to put the slices and I thought "something's missing" Of course! Cinnamon!


Much much better. I turned the oven on, waited a few minutes (I always forget to pre-heat before I'm done with the food) and put it in the oven until the apples were golden brown.


Next time I'll make the crust myself because the pie is so tasty that the crust doesn't match the filling's flavour. I now have to store it in my secret secret stash before the bf steals it away in a bite!


  1. Candace (Kyandasu)November 1, 2009 at 5:50 AM

    That apple pie looks sooooo delicious! I really want a slice!
    (I'm from Boulder Bento, in case you're wondering).

  2. Your a very special friend too, and i think you surpassed my own recipe! Im so happy that your dedicating so much love to this art, just looking at all the work you are doing makes my heart so full and i can taste all just by looking. I'm so glad for you and i wish the best of all you can get e also i hope to see you very soon... Kiss kiss
    And for those who never tasted this girl's lasagnha, you really don't know what it feels like being in heaven... OMG sooooo goood :D~~~~