02 November 2009

Gyoza dumplings

I had this lurking on my "to do" recipe and I made it from scratch, meaning, wrappers too!


It was quite time consuming but to see the results at first try was overwhelming and they taste great.

The rest was a little color adding to the tupperware and I have no idea what goes well with gyoza but the bf wanted more than just vegetables, said he'd get hungry after a little bit.

So we have:

- Japanese rice with corn on top;

- Gyoza with cow meat and cabbage filling;

- Baby carrots and round green beans.

I made a lot of them and we ate some before we froze the rest.


These are the ones that got frozen and tossed in a bag afterwards.

The ones we ate, I remembered taking a picture on the frying pan but not on the plate, because the bf was too hungry to remember pictures


For the gyoza wrappers I used this recipe:


For the filling I edited Just Hungry's recipe:


Thank you both for sharing these recipes!

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