21 September 2009

Japanese Curry

I've been wanting to do this for a while now. I tried it once made by the chef of the restaurant I worked for as the staff's dinner. I was delighted with the taste, the texture, everything. Later I found a chinese supermarket which sells japanese curry cubes, "why not try it?" I thought. After a month of thinking and a few days researching, I cooked it last night and added a few more vegetables than the usual. The only thing that didn't go so well was the meat. I had to guy ground meat because the supermarket was out of cut meat T_T So it's weird finding these little pieces of meat on the sauce.


What I put in there (since it's a bit hard to see all of it)

- Ground meat;

- Carrots;

- Potatoes;

- Eggplant;

- Zucchini;

- Onions;

- and the curry cubes with the right amount of water.

For the rice, I usually cook Japanese rice by kilos. I grab a big pan and cook 1kg at a time. Then I make small portions, let them cool and freeze it. Anytime I need rice, I open up the freezer and there it is, ready to use!

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