27 September 2009

Chocolate Cupcakes

I had to do something on the weekend since I'm having a little trouble on deciding what to do for the next weeks on food. I've never put thought to it, but when you try to do new things, you notice how quickly you run out of ideas. So, to fight that, I grabbed a recipe and made these!


The cakes ware still warm when I took them out because I completely forgot I had to leave home yesterday, so I had to "hurry" the process to bake a 2nd batch and had no time nor extra cupcakes to let them cool. The result? They "fell down" a little but are were quite tasty:


Maybe the reason they did this too was that I didn't fill the cupcakes enough and I thought a little weird the recipe included water, but gave it a try.


I'll be posting soon, so stay tuned. ^_^

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