10 September 2009

How to make Lasagna

The quantities specified below are for the pyrex I use, I must warn you it's quite big, so you can adapt it by ratio to your containers. This works well for about 8 meals. I have done it bigger, but i wouldn't advise you to since I had to eat it for 4 days with 2 more friends.



900g grated cheese

700g minced meat (in this case I used cow meat, but you can also make it with minced pork or chicken)

1 large onion

2 garlic cloves

2 large grated carrots

Salt, olive oil and spices

Tomato pulp, or 2 fresh tomatoes peeled and diced

Mushrooms (I used canned)

500ml of white sauce

Lasagna pasta

How to prepare it:

Grab a big frying pan or a pan and put about 2tbs of olive oil. Turn on the heat and let it warm up, but not too much. Put the garlic and let it fry a bit.


Add the onion and 2tbs of soy sauce and stir fry until the onion is half cooked.


Add the meat and let it cook, crushing the largest pieces of meat.


When the meat is cooked, add the grated carrot, the tomato paste, some spices, salt and in the end the mushrooms.


Let it cook for 3 to 5 minutes and set aside. Grab the pyrex and the fun part begins! This is my favorite part of making lasagna: layering. My oven is very old so I can't regulate exact temperatures, so as a means of precaution I start with a layer of White sauce, then cheese and only then pasta.


Then I add a layer of meat, then white sauce, cheese, pasta, meat, white sauce, cheese... You get mypoint. For the cheese lovers: You can put an extra layer of cheese between the meat and the white sauce, it'll be even more delicious ^^. When you're almost reaching at the top, end with a layer of pasta, then cheese and white sauce (you can put more cheese on top of the white sauce if you want). It should look somewhat like this and the initial picture:


Let it cook in the pre-heated oven, medium-heat, for about 40 minutes or stick a fork into the lasagna and when the pasta is cooked you can take it out.

Have fun cooking! =3


  1. I made lasagne for dinner today! It was a vegetarian one though cos we forgot to buy the meat! LOL :D Yours looks good!

  2. Thank you! What ingredients did you use for the filling? I've tried to make vegetarian lasagna once but it ended a bit too watery because of veggies.