02 February 2010

Korokke lunch

Continuing with the spree! It's lasting more than usual:

There's 2 korokke with raw finely cut cabbage, carrot "fingers" 1, 1/2 tangerine and some white rice. The bf said it was wonderful, he didn't even complain about the raw cabbage.

It all went fine until the evening, when I was supposed to cook the Torihamu from Maki's recipe on Just Bento after marinating it. I got distracted with studying for my exam... resulting in slightly burnt torihamu. It's still good tho, but I'll give it another try sometime later:

And there's a little something from yesterday night. It's been rather cold here so I tend to sleep with 3 cats on top/ below me. I was reading before bed time and one of them cuddled with me under the bed covers:

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