01 April 2010

Birthday food (and more)

Yesterday was my birthday and as always, I had to take a few pictures at the cute foods I found near the cake before dinner :D

Aren't they just CUTE?! They're sweets with some sweet liquid filling on the inside. I tried getting all the different types in the bag but I might've missed one or two.

I spent all morning in a voice casting so I didn't plan the rest of the day. Thanks to my mum, I was able to have cake and dinner :D

Woops, there's a piece missing already. All the full cake pictures had me staring at the cake like I'd eat it with my eyes so I put this one :)

When we're done eating cake, I completely forgot what I wanted to do this year with my birthday cake, but.. I did it anyway!

For those who have seen house M.D.'s latest season you probably know what I'm talking about: I dug my face onto the cake just like in the series. The cake choice for this was bad tho. All the chocolate sprinkles stuck to my face and I didn't hurt the cake too much. I got cake on my hair too!

It didn't get too damaged and I dont mind eating the part where I put my face in :D

I'll be taking a trip this long weekend, I'll be sure to post something here later :)

OH, and you know... just to make it clear... the cake is a lie (from Portal, I loved the credits song)


  1. Happy birthday for yesterday! Hope you had a great day! The cute sweets are gorgeous, as is the cake - wow!

  2. Where are the picture of your face in the cake?!

  3. I decided to keep it secret for now :D Tho you can email me and I'll show it to you.